Frequently Asked Questions

What share options are available?

Vegetable Share: We offer two sizes of vegetable shares, Full shares and Partial Shares. Full shares have  8-12 items, are our most bountiful boxes and are designed to feed 2-4 people. Partial shares have 5-9 items and are designed to feed 1-3 people.

Bread Share: Fresh baked bread from The Baker and Cakemaker. Receive a loaf or more a week. Each week rotates through one of about 8 different varieties of sourdough based bread.

Fruit Share: During the Summer the fruit share is 19 weeks long (roughly June-October), contains about 7# of fruit each week. This certified organic regional fruit includes apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, grapes and more. In the winter (19 weeks, November - March), receive about 10# of fruit. Included is organic regional fruit each week. Winter fruits are primarily citrus, with delicious local kiwis, and other fruits when available (apples, pears, persimmons, pomegranates).The fruit share is provided by Sunset Ridge Fine Fruits.

What time is CSA pick-up?

Summer: 4-9 pm

Winter: 3-9 pm

How much does it cost?

Vegetable Share:

  • Full Share: $768 ($32/week-24 weeks)
  • Partial Share: $648 ($27/week-24 weeks)

Bread Share:

  • $144 ($6/week/loaf -24 weeks)

Fruit Share:

  • $380 ($20/week-19 weeks)

How do I pay?

The CSA model was founded on members investment in the farm at the beginning of the season for the upfront costs of seeds, amendments etc. The member then shares in the bounty throughout the season. When you commit to a CSA subscription, we are relying on your financial investment in growing food for our community.

Here are our payment options:

Pay in Full

  • Pay online with your credit card
  • Pay by check, mail to 17565 Placer Hills Rd. Meadow Vista, Ca 95722

Pay in Installments

  • With Checks: If using a payment plan, you must send all your checks at once. Delivery will not begin until checks are received.

    Two installments: Mail two checks now. Check 1 with today's date and half your total. Check 2 dated for next month and half your total.

    Three installments: Mail three checks now. Check 1 with today's date and a third of your total. Check 2 dated for next month and a third of your total. Check 3 dated for the month after next and a third of your total.

    Additional installments: We are willing to work with you and your financial needs. Our goal is to get our food in your belly, if this is the option for you, let's start a conversation and get you on a payment plan that works.

  • With Credit Card: Break your payment in to 3 installments to be paid once a month.

How does CSA pick-up work?

Please pull in to the parking lot and completely in to a parking space leaving as much space for other members as possible. Handicapped folks and families with small children can park closer to the covered bridge. Pick-up is made in the covered bridge at the back of the parking lot.

Find your name on the check off sheet, organized by last name. Please check off that you have received your shares.

Find your shares and please only take shares you have paid for. Bread is located on the table in plastic totes. Vegetable shares are divided by share type on two separate pallets, Full or Partial. Please read the labels and make sure to take the correct share. Fruit shares are on a separate pallet under the Fruit Share label.

You can either take your box of goodies home with you or choose to unpack your share in to your own reusable bags. Either way, we do reuse the CSA boxes. Please carefully unfold your box and put it in the box return bin. Fruit share boxes do not need to be broken down. Winter Fruit share bags can also be returned and re-used.